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Code of editorial ethics

Best practices guidelines and editorial ethics


Added to the following indications, Blog nuestrAmérica adheres to “COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors”.

Editorial Team: Guarantees that each publication will offer scientific quality and maintain the declared frequency. It will be impartial and evaluate all papers presented in peer review in a double-blind peer review system. From the report of the same, the works will be accepted or rejected. It will ensure the quality of published material even after its publication date if an unethical practice such as plagiarism, misrepresentation of sources or invention of data were detected. It will also ensure that the publications of each volume do not reiterate the same authorship.

Authors: They must guarantee that their articles are original, unpublished and that they have not been presented to other publications simultaneously, which will be guaranteed through the declarations of originality and the transfer of rights that they will attach with their proposals. They can not exaggerate the importance and application of the results of their research, so they will have to be critical and specific in the same. They must cite all the works they have used in the body of the article, because otherwise it could even be considered as plagiarism. Only the material that has been explicitly cited within the body of the article may appear in the reference table.

If your research has received any type of subsidy must be declared in order to avoid conflicts of interest, the failure to include them in such cases may be grounds for elimination of the article even after its publication. Also, they must specify if their research has had more participants in its preparation.

They will be receptive to criticism and suggestions and will deliver the requested corrections in the established times. They will also have the possibility to communicate to the editorial team any errors they may find in their own proposals during the evaluation period.

Evaluators: They will carry out the work requested in the time available for such work. Your review will judge originality, scientific input, management of sources, correct use of concepts and theories. They will report unethical practices such as plagiarism, conflicts of interest or multiple publication attempts. They will use a respectful language to communicate their observations and keep all the information worked in complete confidentiality.

They will maintain a critical position towards their own work, disabling themselves in cases in which they are considered to have insufficient experience or knowledge to proceed, and will decline any participation when this could generate conflicts of interest.


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