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The idea of ​​a publishing ecosystem

"Ediciones nuestrAmérica desde Abajo" is a publisher created from the work started by Revista nuestrAmérica, ISSN 0719-3092, through the academic group Corriente nuestrAmérica desde Abajo. The purpose is to build a group of sister publications that research or disseminate different topics about critical thinking with a social focus.

They belong to this group

Revista nuestrAmérica, ISSN 0719-3092. Journal of research in the social sciences and humanities. This journal is edited in Chile and coordinated from Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Cuadernos de descolonización y liberación, ISSN 2452-4522. Journal of disclosure and academic research in philosophy. It is edited in Chile and coordinated from Chile and Mexico. This journal is coordinated with the Philosophy and Liberation Association (civil association).

Trazos de nuestrAmérica, ISSN in process. Journal of disclosure and research specialized in Human Rights and Social Struggles. It is edited from Argentina and coordinated from Argentina and Mexico. This journal is coordinated with Praxis Editorial (Argentine publisher).

Blog nuestrAmérica, ISSN 2452-4905. It is a journal of academic disclosure in the social sciences and humanities with an interest in social criticism and contingency. It is edited and coordinated from Chile.

Ediciones nuestrAmérica desde Abajo, ISBN prefix 956-09416. It is an publisher dedicated exclusively to digital research books in the social sciences and humanities. It is edited from Chile.

Deycrit-Sur journal directory. It is a platform registered as ISSN website 0719-9473. Its function is to maintain a catalog and a database of journals that adhere to critical thinking from decolonial perspectives. It also offers a repository of digital books. It is edited from Chile and coordinated from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Panama. It is edited under the auspices of Arkho Ediciones (Argentine publisher).



  • Revista nuestrAmérica

  • Trazos de nuestrAmérica

  • Cuadernos de descolonización y liberación

  • Blog nuestrAmérica

  • Sello editorial Ediciones nuestrAmérica desde Abajo

  • Directorio de revistas Deycrit-Sur

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