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Guidelines and norms for authors

About the peer review process


Guarantees of evaluation: Blog nuestrAmérica uses a peer-review system in double-blind format. This means that the articles will be received and sent for evaluation by a competent person in the area. The paper sent will not have name, academic degree or institutional affiliation of who wrote it to avoid subjectivities in the evaluation. In the same way, who is evaluated an article will not be given information about who evaluates to avoid communication between the parties. It is assured that only professional evaluators with the same or higher academic degree officiate than the holder of the work presented for evaluation.

All the recommendations made in the evaluation will be communicated through the Editor of the journal. In no instance will be revealed who evaluated a particular article.

About the evaluation process: The evaluation of the postulated works begins with the submission of the documents to our journal through the means established by each call, which can be directly on

The first stage of evaluation is the exclusive relevance of the directory of the journal that will establish whether the proposals are of interest or not for Blog nuestrAmérica [this stage will only be considered what appears in the summaries]. This is done under the criteria of our editorial line and the decision is irrefutable.Once it is considered to be of interest, all indicators of authorship will be removed from the document and sent to a minimum of two academic pairs with relevance in the area so that they will evaluate according to the criteria indicated in our evaluation guide.

The postulated works must have both positive evaluations to be published. In the cases that both evaluations reject it, this work is discarded irrefutably. In the cases of controversy in which one evaluation is approving and another one disapproves, a third evaluation will be used to resolve the conflict.

The possible results will be: 1) accepted, 2) rejected and 3) accepted with modifications. The rejections are unappealable and the person will have to apply, if he wishes, another job. Writings accepted with modifications do not ensure their publication, this will only materialize if the modifications are applied in the time indicated for that purpose. If the latter is not fulfilled, the work will be rejected.



Bibliographic specifications, style of citations


Blog nuestrAmérica publishes with a Chicago-style citation. It is important to consider that our publication does not accept the use of footnotes other than to add information as detailed below.

The citations of any kind, whether in the body of work, in a separate paragraph or paraphrased; they will be included as follows: (Lastname year, page number), for example (Freire 1970, 23).

The footnotes will be used only for specifications on a topic, to expand it or to account for other works that speak of the same. They will never be used to reference appointments.

The table of references (bibliography) will be included at the end of the text with the title "References" and no difference will be made between the types of sources used. You must always include the name and surname of the reference. It is forbidden to indicate only the initial of the name, for example you can not write "Ellacuría, I.", but you must say "Ellacuría, Ignacio". It will be in font "Century Gothic", n ° 11, previous and posterior spacing equal to "0 pto", "Simple" line spacing and "Justified" alignment. A space will be given after each reference that must be added manually by applying an "enter". It will not be possible to include in it any work not explicitly mentioned in the work.

The name of the author will be written as many times as the works would have been used and can not be replaced by a line "______,". For example, if you used 5 books or articles by Enrique Dussel, then you should write that name five times in the table of references.



Chicago style guide (Author year)


Blog nuestrAmérica uses the Chicago citations style for the social sciences (not to be confused with the style for the humanities). You can consult a guide of this style directly in our journal. Select the format that is most comfortable for you and build your references with our specifications.

*Style guide from Revista nuestrAmérica in PDF format.

*Style guide from Revista nuestrAmérica in HTML format.



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