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1. Focus and Scope


Objective: Blog nuestrAmérica aims to be a dynamic space for the dissemination of research and testing progress.

Focus: It is aimed at members of the academic world who are involved in research and teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It is also intended for students.

Scopes: Blog nuestrAmérica aims is an academic publication of Social Sciences and Humanities in general with a specific focus on critical and decolonial thinking.



2. Section policies


Permanent sections:

Studies: These are advances in research and trials.

Columns: They are reflections from a person's theoretical knowledge.


Occasional sections:

Reviews: Comments to recently published books with topics related to the journal.

Interviews: These are conversations with a representative of a study area in order to increase knowledge.

Conferences: is the publication of an academic paper.

Student Articles: This is an unindexed section. Seeks to promote research activity in students.



3. Open access policy (OA)


Declaration of Open Access non-commercial: Blog nuestrAmérica adheres to the open access initiative of Budapest (BOAI 2002) and the Declaration of Mexico in favor of the Latin American ecosystem of open non-commercial access, of December 15, 2017, for this reason it offers free access and free to all the material published in their regular issue, extras or of any nature. This journal does not have embargo periods, so its issues are freely available to the public since they are published. The only limitations that those who use our materials will have are those imposed by the Creative Commons CC BY NC SA 4.0 license, which is the only license with which our journal publishes.

Scope of Open Access: Those who access this journal may perform the following actions for free: read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or use in any digital or physical media and for any legal purpose the material published here.

*The declaration of Mexico (2017) can be found in the following LINK.

*More information about the BOAI 2002 can be found in the following LINK.



4. File policy and third-party repositories


Declaration of free non-commercial use: Any editor can use the archives of our journal to be stored in institutional or personal repositories, provided that they do not have commercial purposes. The articles can not be part of new edited works. Only the storage of the work without modifications is allowed.

This journal uses the LOCKSS system to create a file system distributed among collaborating libraries, which allows creating permanent archives of the journal for conservation and restoration purposes.

Simultaneous archiving policy: Our journal allows simultaneous publication in self-archiving system and institutional repositories. In all these cases it must be done respecting the license of our publications.

If you want to harvest our editions, use the OAI-PMH address:



5. Policy for the preservation of digital archives


In order to ensure the preservation of the content published by Blog nuestrAmérica, since 2018 our editions have been placed on the open access preservation platform. It is interesting for our team to offer all the published material through different academic media and related social networks.



6. License and Copyright Terms


Blog nuestrAmérica publishes exclusively with a Creative Commons license CC BY NC SA 4.0 that demands:

editorial Policies

Attribution: The authorship of each material must be recognized, which implies presenting the name of the person who wrote it in a visible place. In the same way, you must give an account of the place where you recovered it, indicating an electronic address.

Non-commercial: All the material published by the journal is distributed free of charge. The journal does not allow third parties to make commercial use of the material offered here. Many of the publications are products of public resources and the journal has published them free of charge to ensure their distribution. It is strictly forbidden any commercial use that can be given to the publications made here.

Share Alike: This material can be used freely, but you must always respect the license with which we have published. It is required that when using our material it is under this same license.

International: Our license requires that the material be available without regional restrictions.

Blog nuestrAmérica does not allow derivative works to be created from the material published here. If you want to use this material in a new work you must request authorization from the journal.

Additionally, we inform that we do not allow derivative works. All use of our material for third-party works must be authorized by Blog nuestrAmérica.

The copyright of each published work recognizes authorship to those who have written them. Even so, they must make use of it respecting the conditions established by the license. In all circumstances, the publication rights belong to Blog nuestrAmérica, and these are shared with any person or institution for non-commercial and preferably educational purposes.



7. No costs for article processing (No APC)


Blog nuestrAmérica is edited by an academic group that does not depend on any institution and that works motivated by the diffusion and use of critical and decolonial thinking. It does not have economic interests so no charge is applied for the processing of the postulated works. The journal does not pay economically to those who contribute to it by publishing.



8. Evaluation results and publication


The result of the evaluations of the submitted works will be informed in a maximum time of 4 weeks.



9. Frequency of publication


Blog nuestrAmérica is a continuous publication that feeds its sections throughout the year.



10. Plagiarism detection policy


The plagiarism can not be considered as a mistake of who submits an article for review, but as a crime because it has intentionally concealed the recognition of the authorship of the work and is intended to appropriate the intellectual effort of others for their own benefit . For this reason Blog nuestrAmérica uses an anti-plagiarism program, which at the moment is Plagiarism Checker X. This program is used when receiving the articles and before any submission for evaluation.



11. Guarantee of publication to external persons of our association


Blog nuestrAmérica is committed to open publications and calls that reach the greatest number of people.



12. Policy of collaboration and editorial fraternity


Blog nuestrAmérica is committed to the construction of a knowledge that questions academic selfishness. For this reason, it is a commitment to participate in collective instances together with teams from other journals, or associations of various kinds, in order to promote the decolonization of knowledge.


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